Key Points

  • Integrate water sources into landscapes with bird baths, water drips, or small ponds.
  • Create places to provide shelter to raise young, to escape predators, or stay warm in dense shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, or nest boxes.
  • Structure landscaping to create a layered-effect using native trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers: tall trees along the perimeter, descending to shorter trees, shrubs, and then to grasses and flowers.
  • Mow Less! Shrink the amount of turfgrass in your yard and create less…

The following is adopted from a research paper proposal I’m working on… which might some day morph into my dissertation proposal. I thought the literature review aspects of the proposal were interesting, so I adapted it slightly for you all here. Enjoy!


The American system of democratic governance is a complicated though theoretically profound system for running a country. By vesting political power equally in all citizens, channeled through elected representatives, the best ideas for governance can be found through rational and empirically driven discussion, debate, and compromise, rather than through the tyrannical whims of a single powerful ruler…

Could a pact with the devil be an apt metaphor for our times? Who would’ve thought.

One of the more imaginative depictions of the Devil.

The phrase “a pact with the Devil” was not one I had thought about much before I took a fantastic literature class by that name at the University of Iowa with the wonderful (if not eccentric) professors Dr. Waltraud Maierhofer and Dr. Anna Barker.

In my head it was a simple metaphor about selling one’s soul to the devil — trading something divine for some measly material gain. And that is the central idea of…

Logan Drake

Graduate student studying the history, philosophy, and sociology of civic and moral education in America. Interested in policy, culture, and cute cats.

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